Dumped woman asks out Gaston during Disney parade and gets savagely rejected

Disney parks not only feature some of the most sought-after rides, but they are also home to the characters that fans are dying to meet.

In fact, the roaming Disney actors roaming around are well-known for never breaking character, even if this means taking on a lesser popular role such as a feared or undesirable villain.

A Disney fan witnessed first-hand just how far some of the actors are willing to go when she caught the attention of Gaston, the villain in Beauty and the Beast, known for his supposedly good looks and womaniser personality.

While she was watching the park’s iconic parade at Disney World, she yelled at the arrogant character: “Gaston, my boyfriend just broke up with me. Will you go out with me?”

As the macho-looking man sporting a sleek ponytail walked past the woman who was being filmed by her friend, he took one cocky look at her before announcing: “Sorry Uhm…I’m looking for the most beautiful woman in town.”

He then went on to pompously strut away as he was waving at the amused crowd.

The poor woman looked into the camera in total shock before asking her friend: “Did I just get roasted?”

The video, which was posted on TikTok, has already been viewed by nearly 1.9 million people and has received 250,900 likes.

Unsurprisingly, many people were amused at the clip and hundreds of TikTokers left hilarious comments.

One person wrote: “That second heartbreak really helps you get over the first one,” along with a crying laughing emoji face.

Another commented: “‘Why are you in therapy today?’…’ well…’”

Some people came in full support of the unfortunate woman as a person explained: “He was in character and he meant Belle!

“I wish he had made that clearer because it came off so mean.”

Another wrote: “When your boyfriend broke up with you he gave up the most beautiful woman in the world.

“Remember that.”