‘I resent my mum because she gave me £73K – I’ve never had to work for anything’

A man has gone on an epic Twitter rant explaining how he resents his mother for spoiling him – by giving him £73,181.

Qiaochu Yuan took a ‘medium dose’ of LSD and realised that he was, in his own words, spoiled, and he didn’t like it.

He recounted how his mum gave him the vast sum of money for his birthday, adding: “I resented her for this and also suppressed the resentment.”

He posted a 35 part tweet detailing the realisations he had made about his life, while he stayed in an Airbnb, where he is now living, while he debated paying his taxes.

In the tweet, Yuan, who has the handle ‘Magnificent Adult Baby’, wrote about how he found himself at a dead end after moving out of a shared house and feeling like he didn’t belong and temporarily moved into a holiday home.

He said: “Towards the end of my stay I decided to take a medium dose of acid to see if it could get me unstuck on stuff and hoo boy.

“I wrote for maybe 12 hours straight and it eventually turned into a sort of spontaneous dialogue between the person I am on acid and the person I am sober; acidQC and soberQC.

“AcidQC told me a bunch of things I needed to hear but didn’t particularly want to. He told me ‘you’ve been feeling social pressure to pretend like you have a ‘financial health’ that is entirely about your savings and your income and it’s just not true at all’.

“The truth is that if you ran out of money your parents would send you more because they love you.

“The truth is that your finances aren’t separate from your parents’ finances and they never have been. You resent your mum for sending you $100,000 because she forcefully reminded you of this fact.

“You feel like you were told by society that the way making a living works is that you do labour and are paid a fair wage for your labour and that’s how you earn the right to exist and be a member of society, you feel guilty because you’ve never done this.

“But that’s just not true, you actually do not need to earn the right to exist and you never have. The reason you’re alive right now and not starving to death on the street even though you haven’t had a job in three years is because your parents send you money because they love you.

“And I was like, ‘oh my God, I’m literally Harry f*g Potter’. I’m literally being protected by my parent’s love in the form of money and I always have been, how incredibly embarrassing.”

In other posts, Yuan explained his parents had already given him over £128,121 ($175,000) for education and living expenses, including his entire tuition at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

He said they did this because “they wanted me to have a good education and a good life”, and added that he was “very spoiled, and in retrospect, it wasn’t good for me.”

Yuan’s tweets proved popular and he was soon blasted online for his views.

One user wrote: “This thread might have been better to share with a therapist, not Twitter.”

And another added: “Your father is putting off retirement because he thinks he’ll need to keep subsidising your lifestyle in chunks of tens of thousands of dollars. Let that sink in.”

And a third added: “Millions of people live the same way. It’s terrifying and exhausting, and if someone gave me 1/100 of what you got for free I would shower them in gratitude.”